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Clean Air – Necessity or Luxury?

Breathing clean air should be something that no one has to think about but the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of people, all over the world today, are exposed to varying levels of pollution.

In a fast growing economy like Bangladesh, particularly in the major cities, the pollution levels result in a serious number of health related issues.

Even on days where the weather is great and the air looks clean, the reality is that the air quality not good. Fact is that in the whole year, average air quality in Dhaka is good (AQI <=50) only about 6-7 days in the whole year.

Air pollution is directly responsible for a lot of human lives, for example in Bangladesh (2019):
– 1/3rd of cardiac & stroke related deaths
– 1/3rd of lung cancer related deaths
– Almost 1/2 (44%) respiratory related deaths
– Almost 2/3rds (61%) COPD related deaths
– 1/4 Diabetes related deaths

are attributable to air pollution.*

This doesn’t even take into consideration people who are suffering from the above diseases and neo-natal complications (1 in 5).

Life & health, our own and those of our near & dear ones, being the most precious commodities, I personally would conclude, without any reservation, that clean air (& clean water) are two absolutely fundamental necessities for humanity.

So what can we do about this?

Please read our blog post “Living well in a high pollution environment”.

*Source: Health Effects Institute. State of Global Air 2020. Data source: Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. IHME, 2020.

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